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Customer Solutions for Cable Assemblies and Wiring Systems


Executive Summary

Advanced Cable is structured to accommodate our customers wire & cable needs. Advanced Cable – About Us

Advanced Cable & Engineering was established in 2014 with over 60 years of custom cable assembly experience. This firm is wholly owned and operated by Deanna J. Zwiesele who has been a cable specialist for over 23 years and was certified Women Owned and ISO within 6 months after opening.
We strive to exceed customer expectations and deliver real value. We have proven quality in material and workmanship. We have proven testimonials that show our cable solutions have both outperformed and outlasted the competition. We pride ourselves on quality; it is our reputation. All cable assemblies tested both physically and electronically before shipment.

Advanced Cable employees all are committed to manufacturing and shipping top-quality product to our customers. Our customers are in a very demanding industrial industry. We understand the pressure they must complete their program; cable assemblies are usually the last to be ordered and the first to be needed.

We operate our company with our customers need in mind.

We understand that customers may need a last-minute cable for various reasons; cable too short, cable forgot to be ordered, assembly line down due to broken cable, etc. This is when our quick action response team is here to solve their problem and provide 24-hour turnaround time in critical situations.

In addition, when receiving commitment from our customers we work with Engineering and purchasing key members of customers to ensure that we have procured up and above the estimated products they will need to complete program. With this practice it ensures our commitment to our customer that we will perform and meet all their expectations as a supplier. Advanced Cable truly understands our customers and we are hear with our products and knowledge to help them solve any unforeseen problems that will give them the solution they are looking for.
Some specialties include, but are not limited to, Custom cable assemblies, VFD cable, Motor power, feedback cables. Ethernet cable assemblies, Robot Dress Packs, Injected Molded Assemblies, Cable Assemblies Mill-Spec,

Our Creative Solutions to Customer Problems

Paint Conversion Module #1492-CM1771 / 1769-IA16

paint conversion

Customer had assembly on machine and was looking for an easier-to-install harness

Part 2

Ethernet and Power in Harting Assembly

Ethernet and power in harting assembly
Ethernet and power in harting assembly 2

Receptacle Box With Brad Harrison 4 Pin

Electrical Contractor edited
Receptacle edited

Manufactured for an automotive plant

Receptacle to building and cable assembly to plug into receptacle and semi-truck (conveyor application off of semi-truck)

receptacle to building
receptacle to building2

Customer contacted us because robotics company no longer supports this paint application robot cable assembly

Robotics Company